ProtexxVPN for XP

ProtexxVPN for XP 3.0

Untitled DocumentPROTEXXVPN? IN A NUTSHELL ? Protexx Inc. has...

Untitled DocumentPROTEXXVPN? IN A NUTSHELL ? Protexx Inc. has the ONLY complete Total Security Package available today for the prevention of Identity and Data transmission theft.

? Protexx? patent pending software technology, ten years in development, and reviewed by the NSA, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and dozens more, is now operational.

? With up to 2048 bit encryption, the Protexx? Technology is impenetrable by today's standards. By coupling our S. I. T. H. [Secure Information Transmission Highway] and GUI [Graphic User Interface] with fingerprint Biometric positive identification, ProtexxVPN?

assures complete security transmission, through our NOC [Network Operating Center] with its Certificate Authorization from sender,to computer to receiving computer to designated recipient.

HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley, Patriot Act - ComplianceBenefits ? Lower cost of communications, (i. e. use public access carriers instead of your own dedicated equipment) ?

Data is encrypted from point to point in levels of encryption from 56bit to 2048bit ? Controls of access. - Certificate based access to VPN allows for ease of administration control on an as authorized basisgt; Business can save of up to 10% on their business insurance by implementing PROTEXX.

Uses for a VPN 1) Provide access to corporate computer resources to an employee out of the Office 2) Secure communications between branches of a company 3) Secure communications between you and your customers 4) Secure communications between you and your vendors.